Remote Software Developer Team Engagement: 5 Easy Ways

Remote Software Developer Team Engagement: 5 Easy Ways

Engage Remote Software Developer Team using 5 easy ways on Slack and Microsoft teams. Breaking down the entire process in easy steps.

Several surveys have revealed that remote software developer teams are on the rise even before the pandemic. According to Harvard Business Review, remote workers are more disengaged and more likely to quit. In this article, we will discuss 5 easy ways you can engage your team.

1. Compensation is king.

There's no replacement for good compensation to make your employees happy. A well-paid employee has a much higher chance of providing increased productivity, employee engagement, and retention.

2. Understand your employee

Not all of us think and act the same. That's why some people work as developers and some work as marketers. While a team lunch and a weekend trekking plan might sound great for Newman from Sales who's an extrovert - it might be disengaging for George the developer.

3. Start a Remote DJ-hour channel.

All of us enjoy music, and it doesn't hurt your productivity if it's once a week. A lot of developers like to listen to music when they code, so you can create a separate channel or group where everyone can post their favorite songs once a week at a specific time. For example, 3-4 PM every Friday.

4. More meetings might not always be the answer.

While it's a great idea to have one-on-ones to understand your employee, having 10 meetings in a row can be exhausting. The great thing about remote work is that communication is streamlined using tools like Slack or MS Teams. Whenever you can avoid a meeting that could be an email, do it.

5. Award paid time off to fight burnout.

Compensation and stress are the biggest factors that cause employees to switch companies. If it is evident that a developer is overwhelmed with tasks, make sure you award them paid time off so they don't get stressed.

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